【Warm Gift For Mum】💗Fresh Cooked Concentrated Edible Bird Nest Mother Day Package💗

The HEALTHY PRODUCT for your beloved mum💖

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The HEALTHY PRODUCT for your beloved mum💖
Gift the best to you mum!

Fresh Cooked Edible Bird Nest will be your best choice!

Every package contain:
6 bottles of 70ml Long Stripe Concentrated Fresh Cooked Bird Nest
(Every bottle contain of 3g dry premium bird nest)
Gift Card
LED Decoration Light
Small Fork

2. Fresh cook upon order and deliver daily
3. Precisely Lock Fresh & Commercial Sterile Technique to ensure safety consume
4. Exclusive technology to remain nutrition and texture of Bird Nest

1. This is a natural product. No preservatives, artificial and food stabilizes added. Hence, the appearances might change over time.
2. Individuals allergic to fluid-like protein, e.g. milk and eggs should avoid this product
3. Storage: Keep Refrigerated 2-4℃
4. Direction To Eat: Consume within 4 hours once open
5. Term of Validity: 30 days

Product Information
Origin: Malaysia
Packaging: Bottle
Fresh Cooked: Yes
Volume: 70ml
Content of Bird Nest: 3g Dry Bird Nest
Ingredients: Bird's Nest, Rock Sugar, Water