燕窝王【原味浓稠系列鲜炖燕窝 ~ 白色圣诞精致礼盒】

Start your wonderful day with Yan Wo Wang! Yan Wo Wang is designed for you who love beauty, handsome, care for healthcare. We select the highest quality bird's nest, with the patented technology to produce and produce pure & natural, high nutrition bird's nest.

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这个圣诞节就送燕窝王👑鲜炖燕窝 ~ 白色圣诞精致礼盒:
(Each bottle contains 3 grams of swiftlet’s nest)

[3g top-quality dried bird's nest with golden shreds] original flavor thick brushed fresh stewed bird's nest, original rock sugar taste:
🎁Only RM189🎁

2. Fresh cook upon order and deliver daily
3. Precisely Lock Fresh & Commercial Sterile Technique to ensure safety consume
4. Exclusive technology to remain nutrition and texture of Bird Nest

1. This is a natural product. No preservatives, artificial and food stabilizes added. Hence, the appearances might change over time.
2. Individuals allergic to fluid-like protein, e.g. milk and eggs should avoid this product
3. Storage: Keep Refrigerated 2-4℃
4. Direction To Eat: Consume within 4 hours once open
5. Term of Validity: 30 days

Product Information
Origin: Malaysia
Packaging: Bottle
Fresh Cooked: Yes
Volume: 70ml
Content of Bird Nest: 3g Dry Bird Nest
Ingredients: Bird's Nest, Rock Sugar, Water