First Launch Mega Sale 162mg DSA Sachet Edible Bird' Nest

Get your Sialic Acid with 50% off! Tear and drink in a convenient way, fulfill the daily nutrition needed. Enroll your Health and Beauty journey with SA+ now!❤️

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Daily Sialic Acid Sachet Bird Nest, tear and consume, fulfill your daily nourishing easily
Enroll your health & beauty journey now!

162mg Daily Sialic Acid = Sialic Acid Content in 632mg Breast Milk

❤️High Content of Sialic Acid
👉🏻 Good for Baby Brain Development
👉🏻 Improve Immunity System
👉🏻 Reduce Nausea During Pregnancy
👉🏻 Improve Digestive System
👉🏻 Improve Lung Function
👉🏻 Anti flu-Virus
👉🏻 Improve Memory

❤️Epidermal Growth Factor
👉🏻 Stimulates cells produce collagen in body
👉🏻 Improve skin condition
👉🏻 Fast recovery from wound
👉🏻 Whitening & Smooth Skin

Why choose SA Plus❗❗

Beauty + Health = SA Plus Nourishing Anytime, Anywhere❗

✅ High Content of Sialic Acid
✅ Easy to be absorbed by body
✅ Convenient
✅ Great taste and texture
✅ No artificial additives & preservatives

Product Information
Origin: Malaysia
Volume: 45ml
Shelf Life: 12 Months
Sialic Acid Content: 162mg
Ingredients: Bird Nest, Rock Sugar, Water

HALAL, HACCP, GMP, MeSTI, VHM certified products💯💯

What is in the box?
【10 Sachets】45 ml 162mg SA+ Daily Sialic Acid Sachet Edible Bird's Nest